Monday, January 12, 2009

Florida Again

I miss the sunny warmth of Ft. Lauderdale.

When Jason and I left, the temps were high, the sun was blazing, and the pool was invitingly blue. It was difficult to tear ourselves away from the company and the surroundings but it was, alas, just a vacation. Reality was beckoning. In fact it was kind of standing on the sidelines wildly waving its hands and shouting that it was time we got back on track.

So, we placed our bags in the rental car, turned in our keys, and got on the road.

We noticed a difference in the road as we accelerated toward A1A but after a while, I suspected something was wrong. Like a flat tire.

We pulled over after a while, got out and saw that one of the front tires was indeed flat.

This could have been disastrous -- we had to catch a flight and we left enough time but not a huge block of time to return the car and get shuttled to the airport.

Visions of all the careful planning crumbling like a sandcastle floated by.

Jason saved the day. He changed the tire using the emergency tire in the trunk. He did it so quickly and efficiently that we made it to the flight with time to spare.

And Philly's weather tuned out to be cold but not the snow-filled, wintry mess that had been predicted.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


I probably should have blogged every day while here in Florida but it's too easy to enjoy the sun and the pool. And the other guests at the Worthington/Alcazar guest house in Ft. Lauderdale make it even more appealing to laze by the pool and chat.

This town is getting to be the gayest city in the states -- from hot young men to busy retirees, Ft. Lauderdale has them all and in huge numbers. It's gratifying and makes it more appealing as a possible place to live.

Of course, the cost of living has to cooperate. But who couldn't get used to the tropical breezes and the warm caress of the sun. And the men...

Soon, it's back to reality and the cold of the North.