Saturday, January 27, 2007


I had to travel to New York again (in December) for a reading from a new book in which I have an essay. Paws and Reflect explores the bond between gay men and their dogs. And before you yell at me because I don’t currently have a dog, I did have a dog. Several in fact. And the one I chose to write about is the one that lasted the longest and grew up along with me. Caesar. A noble name for a noble dog.

My essay, “The Little Emperor” details life with Caesar and the lessons he taught me.

The reading was an experience I won’t soon forget. I’ve done readings before – in NY even – but this one was star-studded! Sharon Sakson, one of the co-creators of this book, was in attendance and did a great job of coordinating the reading. In attendance also was Ron Nyswaner (wrote the screenplay for the movie Philadelphia) who told a very affecting story, and David Mizejewski (of Animal Planet fame) whose story was a lot of fun, and a number of others.

Of course, there were lots of dogs in attendance. They were all cute and all well behaved. But one of my favorites -- probably my favorite -- was Miss Kitty. Cute, loveable, and perky, Miss Kitty won me over completely. She looks you in the eye and makes a quick connection that you feel lucky to have. Sharon is Miss Kitty's companion.

The reading went well. Everyone in turn told their stories, some spoke extemporaneously, some, like me, read their stories. Whatever way each person did his job, the audience was pleased. Then there was the signing -- lots of autographs and lots of fun.

The reading was held at the Chelsea Barnes & Noble and I’d wanted to stay overnight afterwards so as not to have to drag myself home late at night. But nooooo, New York hotels were not to be had for anything less than $395.

I don’t care what William Shatner says, not even Priceline was able to find me something in Manhattan for under $395 – no lie. Not the first week in December when apparently everybody in the universe flocks to New York to shop.

One small chain I called said they had rooms available at two properties – can’t remember the names of the places but I remember the prices. The first the room would have socked me for $600. So I asked her to tell me what the other property cost. “That will be $1975 per night.” There was no inflection in her voice. Didn’t seem to faze her that a room, any room, could cost that much.

When I was able to speak again, I told her that it was a little more than I was looking to spend.
For $1900 I hope they have the bellboys coming in and out doing blow jobs and whatever else you want because no hotel room is worth that kind of money unless there’s lots of sex involved and I mean lots!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mr. Rubber Title, Oh My!

Brian Wins Mr. Rubber Montreal Title

Good friend Brian who lives in Montréal won the Mr. Rubber title there recently. I couldn’t get there quickly so I missed all the fun. And it had to be fun.

Brian is a hot man. Piercing eyes, a salt and pepper goatee, and a body that calls attention to him wherever he goes – that’s Brian. He lives in the Gai Village in Montréal – right in the middle of things. This year he decided, almost at the last moment, to enter the Mr. Rubber competition. He ran around getting his outfit together and planning a presentation that would ultimately wow the judges.

All the contestants had to come up with a “fantasy” scene. Brian’s scene was well documented by a photographer. He enters as an unassuming, albeit hot, man dressed in long polyester running pants and a cotton tee. Captured by two hunky men in leather (and hunky doesn’t even begin to describe them – I nearly fainted when I saw their pics), Brian is hung by a chain in some contraption. As he dangles there, the two latex hunks place a rubber gas mask over Brian’s head as he writhes in agony. The next phase is wrapping Brian in a rubber cocoon and let him twist slowly like a leaf until the metamorphosis is complete and Brian emerges as a rubber hunk. Shiny black skin-tight latex, his gas-maks head, a stiff dick contraption which cannot be missed, and a tail. A little rubber doggie tail.

It doesn’t end there – for now Brian’s training has to take place. An sever older gent, with various implements to train the new pup, takes charge and Brian is made to submit.
It must have been a real crowd pleaser because Brian won hands down. And reigns as Montréal’s Mr Rubber 2007.